Exquisite Hesitation


Exquisite hesitation comes in a pigment of ruby red.

Often mistaken for a fallen jewel,

Its facets are sharp and precise against the dull plateau of static.

It cuts through those who blindly grasp,

Burrowing, lost in the lalique

Instead, you must kneel before it,

And let only your swelling, silent tongue stand in supplication.

With the softest arching articulation, it may be cradled,

Glistening like a pomegranate seed perched on the threshold.

Eyes closed,

Devoutly delivered.


(February 2018)





Status Animarum


A head, a heart, a hand

A navel bare,

A soft depression molded there.


A Secret Unkept, Unkempt,

Throaty Whispers Tear,

Seek to save with Precious Care.


Clank and Claw and Dare,

Now I have you in the Snare,

Now I see you grit your Teeth,

Now I see that you are Weak.

The State of Souls we must Keep.


(October 2017)





O, Perilous Rock


O, Perilous Rock,

Jutting and quivering but

Fighting to stand statuesque.

Potential deep inside to become

A warm resting place;

A sentiment desired by Many.


O, Uncomforted Sanctuary,

Hollow dusty vaulted expanse,

That intimately knows the emptiness of hearts.

Where bonnet bees spawn and are all at once

Terribly loud and painfully silent;

Withholding pregnant judgement still.


O, Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship!

Be a real fantasy!

Pretend to usher us away to the marvelous mystery!

Give us pinned wings and chance to dream about pure impossibility.

The sweetest nectar is only served after dinner.


[drum strikes once]

[shattered applause is heard from the next room]


(July 2017)