Jessica Burnam creates families of abstracted bodies and souls to explore how vulnerability, growth, and decay etch themselves on the landscape that is the body. She is fascinated by science fiction, the symbolism of boats and of ladders, and by all manner of small and significant things: appendages and apertures, biomorphic systems and fantastic abnormalities, cold glass and little buds that bristle.


Jessica Burnam received her BA with highest honors in sculpture from the University of Virginia in 2015 and was a recipient of the Aunspaugh Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship at the University of Virginia from 2015 to 2016. She was an Artist-in-Residence at Anderson Ranch (2016) and at Red Dirt Studio (2017-18). She has had solo exhibitions at Hillyer Art Space, Washington, D.C. (July ’17) and at Red Dirt Studio, Mt. Rainier, MD. (November- December 2018).

From February 1 – March 22, Jessica will be an Artist in Residence at Second St. Gallery, Charlottesville, VA. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to experience Burnam’s process firsthand, watching as art is created and hung on the Dove Gallery walls. Please visit Second St. Gallery’s website for more details regarding Artist in Residence Talks and Workshop dates.